My Background


I attended yoga classes for many years with different teachers who taught different styles of yoga. I started to study yoga more deeply in 2002 and began teaching in 2003. Through 7 years of part time study with Paul Harvey I am a qualified yoga teacher registered with the British Wheel of Yoga (which is the Sports’ Council’s recognised national yoga body in Britain). Paul Harvey’s long course, has given me a basis on which to teach classes and to work therapeutically through yoga with individuals.

Since 2002, I have practised yoga regularly on my own under the guidance of an individual teacher. This self practice is central to the development of my own teaching and understanding of yoga.

My aim is to teach for increased suppleness, strength and stamina of the body and to help calm and steady the mind. Working the body with the breath is fundamental to this approach to yoga. Suiting the yoga to the person not trying to fit everyone to the same yoga is also a central aim.