Individual Lessons

To work towards a change, some people choose to practice at home as well as or instead of attending a class. It is worth considering as an alternative to the usual group yoga class.  It does involve self motivation to undertake regular personal practice but it can be supportive for your life.

I offer individual lessons for people who would like to develop their own practice at home. An individual class means I can offer more time to discuss your priorities, to develop a practice which is appropriate to you. This can take into account your time availability, lifestyle and particular need or interest. This might be to help you cope with stress, to work on a suitable programme for an ongoing health problem such as arthritis, digestive problems or asthma; or to cultivate a personal practice to become calmer, more flexible, have more stamina, more strength and more energy.

Although it costs more for one lesson, once a practice is established, most people come for a lesson only once every four to eight weeks.

The practices proposed are likely to be around 20 minutes to half an hour in length.


Individual lesson – £36/hour
or £30 for students also attending group classes

Your first session is likely to be up to an hour and a half for a new student — so the first lesson could cost up to £60