Joining the class/what to bring

  • Bring a mat and block if you have them – if not, the Dance Studio has mats (not suitable long term as they are not yoga mats) and I bring some blocks
  • Wear loose clothing so you can bend and stretch easily
  • Eat at least 2 hours beforehand

Ring or email me if you would like more information and  to let me know you would like to join the class

Tessa Turner 01873 858091   07968 346280

Beginning Yoga

Everyone starts yoga from a different point. Some people are stiff, some flexible, some strong, some have more body awareness, some people find it much easier to focus than others. Being more flexible or able to focus is not better.  They are just  different starting points. In my experience, with practice everyone feels an improvement. And you keep on learning.

The thing is to come and start where you are and learn from there, be clear to yourself what you can and can’t do and don’t take any notice of whether others in the class are more supple or not. Strength and stamina are just as important as flexibility, as is the ability to focus on what you are doing.  So come and see how you find it.